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At JesusWalks, we know that this current day and age can seem a far-cry from the days of the Bible, and despite the firmness of our faith, the changing of the seasons and high stress of modernity can make our love for the Lord and for our fellow man seem faint, fleeting, and feeble in comparison to what our souls are truly capable of reflecting.

JesusWalks was founded on the concept that love & knowledge is power. We believe that our brand is a beacon of love and light in a world replete with darkness and hate. Our primary focus is on representing Jesus Christ through fashion.

Jesus Walks

Our unique offerings deliver a radically reworked take on the meaning of footwear, materializing the biblical virtues of both beauty and purpose – to serve as a meaningful piece with the intent to connect its wearers to a greater purpose.

That is, giving sight to those blinded by worldly affairs, biblical truth to nourish the soul, charity to our brothers and sisters in faith, and exclusive fashion for those who dare to be bold by walking in faith and not by sight.

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The JesusWalks exclusive brand speaks for the growing number of individuals that believe in leading with love; people of all ages and walks of life. From young women just starting to discover and appreciate their potential, to experienced men who have achieved many milestones.

With our exclusive and limited release, our shoes serve as the perfect gift to yourself and your loved ones, providing a symbol of hope in rectifying conflict, loving thy neighbors in times of weakness, and are celebratory reminders of the many milestones that Christians as a collective have achieved.

The spiritual benefits of walking in our exclusive footwear include:

  • Intimacy with God – as you walk in the light
  • Helping thy neighbor in thy style – as you reaffirm the Lord’s convictions of Love, Charity and Compassion
  • Spiritual Authority – to walk toward, or away from that which may or may not serve you
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