jesuswalks life boyscouts-out-at-orenda-1-768x1024 About Us
jesuswalks life cropped-orenda-logo1-1-302x179-1 About Us
JesusWalks’ mission has come to fruition in the most beautiful way – providing a daily reminder of the positive change starting within us all. We have faith that people will become more like cells of the body of Christ, providing support to each other, and facilitating growth through a constant maturing of their spirit. Actively sharing enlightenment of Jesus (Yeshua) and the Kingdom of God (Yahweh), JesusWalks hopes to produce and create pathways to Healing, Truth, Love and Life through fashion in Jesus’ name. With JesusWalks, your tenacity, grace and gratitude can turn every challenge into a lesson, every day into a gift, with every moment devoted in God’s name.

To make good on our Christian core tenet of charity, Jesuswalks will be donating to not-for-profit organizations – starting with the Orenda Veterans Project because we believe in second chances.

With God’s love guiding you, our high hope is to donate to the Orenda Foundation, which is an alcohol and drug free sober/transitional living environment that provides veterans the opportunity to start or continue on their path of recovery from homelessness and drug dependency.

The Orenda Veterans Project endeavors to continue to provide resource navigation, job preparation, food and more for all its residents. This program is Designed and dedicated specifically for veterans due to our nation experiencing a huge influx of new generation veterans compounded by economic hardship and unemployment, it is more urgent now than ever to take care of our fellow brothers and sisters, as well all children who are suffering from AIDS/HIV. JESUSWALKS will also donate to Children’s AIDS Funds to help give children of the world who have AIDS/HIV a fighting chance to live a better life. We Thank for all of your support it is much appreciated. May God continue to bless you in Jesus name!

Our ultimate goal at JesusWalks is ensuring that your faith is not only protected, but actively represented in what is potentially one of the most important pieces of footwear you will own.

We are excited to release our unique footwear.

It’s time to put the soul in your sole.